1. You Are In Control:

We work for you, not the other way around. Get full control of your dedicated resource. Fully manage the complete software development lifecycle.


Based on your requirements and ideas, we provide you with the project plan and the required budget for the realization of your software application. As the name “fixed price” implies, the budget (and the planning) remains the same even though we would have estimated the initially needed budget too low, therefor its our responsibility to… Continue reading Fixed-price

Time and materials

The required budget is based on the actual software development hours worked and “material costs” (such as software licenses). During the quotation phase, we give you an indicative expected budget based on your wishes and ideas. You can use this way of collaboration e.g. when the requirements of your software application are not yet completely… Continue reading Time and materials


Vouchers for certain amounts of development hours of outsourcing per month. Vouchers of ten’s of hours are possible. Vouchers are paid in advance for a month. + The amount of reserved software development hours of the voucher are guaranteed available for your projects. – It can be difficult to indicate the required amount of development… Continue reading Vouchers