Challenges have solutions

Those have been 3 long introductory stories. I’m sure you now want to know how we actually solved those challenges. Let’s start with this: it’s human work thus each “fix” isn’t applicable in all situations and there isn’t a golden key. Finding the right people is simply a difficult job no matter where in the world they’re located. There are some lessons we’ve learned, however…. It’s first and foremost important that you have your fundamentals done right. That is why we have created our own company in Pakistan. This means we have:

  1. Our own management culture and ability to steer the ship effectively
  2. Good connections and abilities
  3. Good work culture and are always wanting to improve further

Secondly, the main issue is best described as follows: in Pakistan (and many other countries) the client or the boss is seen as the leader on how to do your job. That is why I was advised to make very good specifications. Out of respect, they follow exactly what has been said above, even though they knew how to do something better or have better ideas. The opposite is necessary, however. Do less. Create a workflow in which the experts are leading and in which the best ideas win. Thus, have them take ownership of challenges and client needs and have them think for themselves. The result is: that employees who remain engaged, are more enthusiastic and communicate about the exciting things they are doing or issues they are running into. With a couple of small changes, we’ve been able to already make a good dent in solving a lot of the previously mentioned challenges. One other fact is also true: in a country like Pakistan the quality of talent is very broad. Meaning that we had to create a major network to have the ability to select the absolute top of the crop. However, if you look hard and long enough, you will start to find absolute gems. We didn’t expect some of these gems to be found, but here we are, breaking stereotypes and building a stronger workforce that acts as leaders. We’ve got some more tricks up our sleeves, if you want to learn about those you’ll have to get in touch with us though. In 2 days I’ll be introducing one of our employees: Noman Tariq.  Tune in! Or check in the comments for the link, it’s already live on our website.

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