Do You Need A Creative Project Manager

I would simply say: we get it! Whether remote or onsite, companies are facing the same issues of projects not getting done the way they were supposed to be. Let’s find the culprits: developers, project managers, QA, the management, or the client?. So they hired the best developers, expert QAs, and project managers, but still,… Continue reading Do You Need A Creative Project Manager

05. An introduction: Noman Tariq

In the past days, you’ve read what we’ve learned over the past years. Today I would like to introduce you to one of our employees: Noman Tariq.  (Hands over the mic) “Hey there! I’m Noman, working at No Name as a Content Strategist. I have always been inquisitive and mostly fascinated by the processes of… Continue reading 05. An introduction: Noman Tariq

04. Challenges have solutions

Those have been 3 long introductory stories. I’m sure you now want to know how we actually solved those challenges. Let’s start with this: it’s human work thus each “fix” isn’t applicable in all situations and there isn’t a golden key. Finding the right people is simply a difficult job no matter where in the… Continue reading 04. Challenges have solutions

03. The challenges with outsourcing

Any software or creative company that hears the word “outsourcing” probably has some direct association with the word in their head. If I were to guess something like: economically interesting but doesn’t work. Your association is probably built upon either personal experience or that of a colleague in the market. You’re not wrong by having… Continue reading 03. The challenges with outsourcing

02. Why the name “No Name”

The name “No Name” might raise some eyebrows as to why we’ve chosen that name. It does however have a backstory that fits quite well with the company itself and how we see ourselves. When we started the company we created all plans for the business with what we wanted to achieve and how we… Continue reading 02. Why the name “No Name”

01. The story & motivation for starting No Name

Hey gents, So, I have been thinking for a while to share with you the roller coaster ride I am part of in No Name. What’s my story, the primary motivation behind starting my own software developers outstaffing company, and my entrepreneurial journey.  So stay hooked. Let’s rewind 10 years – I have always been… Continue reading 01. The story & motivation for starting No Name

The value of creative work abroad

The value of “no”

In the software industry this is taken as the example of being critical and having true input. Using the word “no”. It’s also often used as an argument against talent abroad, with reason. However we believe this is a solvable problem and we’re going to describe how today. The challenge Let’s start at the core… Continue reading The value of “no”

Get what you want, not what you requested!

what you’ve requested but not what you actually wanted? You’re not alone

Difference between outsourcing and oustaffing

There is an old question regarding software development: which is better – IT outsourcing or IT outstaffing and what is the difference between the two? In other words, which would be the most efficient, hiring an external team abroad or ordering a full-cycle software development from the service provider. Well, maybe this question is not… Continue reading Difference between outsourcing and oustaffing