The future of jobs

The world is changing, and companies need to react rapidly by offering new, digital business models. Outsourcing expertise gives companies the resources and required skills to do so, whilst they can still focus on their core business strategy. According to a recent study on the Future of Jobs in 2018 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) 64% of companies worldwide outsource specific business functions or the management of (part of) their software environment to external contractors in the future. Are you one of these companies? Then count on us to make your outsourcing experience as smooth as possible.

How our process works

Share Your Plans

We hear your ideas, and our technical managers assign skilled resources according to your project preference.

Project Consultation

Our project managers provide expert consultation on the nature and future of the project. We build the whole project timeline with budget estimations.

Contract & Project Kick-off

We develop a contract and an SLA with deliverables, budgets, project planning, and terms & conditions. Your dedicated developers start Working ASAP.

Fully Managed Resources

Your dedicated developers & designers start work on your project while being in touch with you. Get regular updates and proper consultation for future ideas and plans.

Team Working For You

Our outstaffed developers or designers are not dummies. They have the ability to say ‘No’ to a bad idea. They work for the betterment of your project and the company not against it.

Agile Scrum Development

At No Name, we value great communications with our customers. To ensure everyone, from team members to project leader to you as the project owner, are fully engaged we work according to the Scrum-philosophy.

How we work with cost


Based on your requirements and ideas, we provide you with the project plan and the required budget for the realization of your software application. As the name “fixed price” implies, the budget (and the planning) remains the same even though we would have estimated the initially needed budget too low, therefor its our responsibility to come up with the fixes price. If changes are desired during the project, it may of course be the case that the budget and the planning after agreement change. The budget is paid in installments linked to mutually agreed milestones.

+ Budget-related risk is out of your hands.

– Normally this comes with a higher required budget to cover contingencies and related costs.

Time and materials

The required budget is based on the actual software development hours worked and “material costs” (such as software licenses). During the quotation phase, we give you an indicative expected budget based on your wishes and ideas. You can use this way of collaboration e.g. when the requirements of your software application are not yet completely clear.

+ You only pay for the actual hours worked and the ‘materials’ used.

– Although we give you an indicative expected budget, the actual required budget may differ.


Vouchers for certain amounts of development hours of outsourcing per month. Vouchers of ten’s of hours are possible. Vouchers are paid in advance for a month.

+ The amount of reserved software development hours of the voucher are guaranteed available for your projects.

– It can be difficult to indicate the required amount of development hours in advance

As No Name wants to serve our loyal customers the best way possible, It is always negotiable to agree on a different way of working than those mentioned above.