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Connecting enterprises with scalable & agile tech teams

We provide software talent from abroad that deliver software services with the quality and consultancy you can expect from your local engineers.

Creative and solution driven applications & products

With outsourcing we take ownership over the product. This ensures a quality product in either web-development, app development or general application development.

You‘re our focus

A “you” first approach to outsourcing and outstaffing

We’re here to provide technology services to you, our client. That is why we always try to adjust to your needs and

request-vs-want-icon Request vs want

Ever feel like when outsourcing a task or project that you got exactly what you’ve requested but not what you actually wanted? You’re not alone.

Get what you want, not what you requested. Let the experts be the experts and let them loose to create what you really want, not what you asked for.

no-section-icon "No"

In the software industry this is taken as the example of being critical and having true input. Using the word “no”. It’s also often used as an argument against talent abroad, with reason.

By being critical and giving advice from an expert point of view – we believe to garnish a high level of quality.

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No Name. No Boundaries.

We deliver service – so it’s not about us, but you!

With a lack of development capacity in western countries, outsourcing to the eastern part of the world is becoming more and more popular, but it also has its challenges.

We make outsourcing easily accessible, easily manageable, and result-driven for you as a customer. We do this by eliminating all the known challenges related to outsourcing and staffing whilst keeping the benefits, such as cost savings and access to talent and innovation.

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