Do You Need A Creative Project Manager?


I would simply say: we get it!

Whether remote or onsite, companies are facing the same issues of projects not getting done the way they were supposed to be.

Let’s find the culprits: developers, project managers, QA, the management, or the client?. So they hired the best developers, expert QAs, and project managers, but still, conceptual errors and bugs were present in the project.

Who Is At Fault?

So the question arises, where does the fault lie? Is it the developer, project manager, or client who is wrong? Technically all parties are doing the best job they can do. Here arises the need for a creative manager. You might ask why a creative manager, as he has nothing to do with the coding or involvement in DevOps decisions.

Various software companies hire traffic managers or client handlers to be precise to solve this exact problem and try to relay better and more precise information to coders. Again, all of these companies end up hiring technical people and ending with the same, unhappy clients with decreased business efficiency.

So, you might be thinking now “Ok, what does a creative manager has to offer?”

The Rise Of The Need

To give you a bit of preface, the global business trends faced a major shift in 2019 when the deadly Covid-19 pandemic hit our planet. Work from home became a necessity. Masses of people shifted to cloud technologies to resume work from home. Businesses were forced to shift online or go home. This whole shift changed the world wide web. It became more competitive, harsh, and difficult to navigate through. Every business is now moving online and selling its services or products online, not knowing exactly how to do it. Business owners don’t realize that their prior experience of customer interaction and satisfaction is null and void in this highly competitive online world.

Let’s say, you want to start selling products or services online. You find the supposedly best web development company out there and ask for the online platform. They get the job done and you move forward with selling your stuff. To sell, you find a digital marketing agency that will help you reach your audience. They let you know that your whole website needs an overhaul as there are various technical issues that hinder their marketing efforts. This starts an infinite loop of back and forth revisions, wasting months in the process.

Creative Manager- Your Salvation

What if the agency handling your web development had a creative manager who would have overseen this simple hurdle and would have solved months of your resources wasted. Even if you have an in-house team, they will commit the same mistake without a creative marketing person. No matter the nature of your business, it has to deal with the online human experience. As long as there is a human element involved, there will be a need for a creative lead.

User Interface or UI cannot be neglected and should be taken care of up front. However, user experience differs from industry to industry, and there is always a custom approach for the selective audience. So if your online presence is missing a creative marketing person, you are missing a lot on your actual business potential.


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