An introduction: Noman Tariq


In the past days, you’ve read what we’ve learned over the past years. Today I would like to introduce you to one of our employees: Noman Tariq.

(Hands over the mic)

“Hey there! I’m Noman, working at No Name as a Content Strategist. I have always been inquisitive and mostly fascinated by the processes of things. I have turned my passion for creative writing into a profession by creating copy that sells.

Over the past 13 years, I have worn various hats including Content Strategy, Technical documentation, SEO & social media optimization, email marketing, PPC campaigns, Academic research, eBay & Amazon marketing.

Through all these years, I have learned that written words are the most powerful tool in the world. Specifically in the IT industry words can help you do wonders. So I love playing with words to better reach and stimulate the mind of readers. As:

  • Words can better build your product through technical documentation for developers.
  • Words can better market your brand through copywriting for marketing collateral.
  • Words can help customers to better understand your product through knowledge-based research writing.

I found the cause of No Name very dear to my heart because it was founded on the same pain points that I have experienced in my career. Where precious time and resources are wasted on projects, only to realize 6 months later it is not developed as they thought it would be and adding new functionalities would cost an arm and a leg.

As Devs put it, “I found a bug in the code”. The problem was apparent, lack of creative freedom, project management, and DevOps techniques. So I joined the bandwagon of dev turned entrepreneur Thomas Kolmans, to take up the challenge.

Working at No Name has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The creative hustle has again sparked my inner flame of creativity and taking charge of things. I am looking forward to doing awesome stuff in No Name, as it has allowed me to be comfortable in mixing different disciplines and practices in order to come up with a creative solution to a problem.

Because at No Name, we believe there is always a different and better way to do things, as we are constantly seeking to improve procedures.”

So, you may ask yourself why we wanted to introduce him. He’s not a developer, right? Right. However, he’s the one who has ghostwritten marketing communication collateral for various SMEs all over the world. I am sure you haven’t guessed up till now that all of these story pieces are also his creations. I believe this showcases exactly the quality we are able to extract that is generally not expected.

Hope you liked our little 5 part story. Please share any thoughts you may have. We’ll be sharing more knowledge about No Name very soon!


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