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There are a lot of options out there to hiring remote developers these days. Let us walk you through what we can help you with.

The demand for Vue.js developers is at an all-time high due to the popularity of the JavaScript framework. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to remote Vue.js developers to benefit from their expertise without the need for costly on-site staff.

Hiring remote Vue.js developers can be done via two approaches: Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a process of hiring external developers with the right skillset and expertise to work on a project or within an existing team. This allows businesses to quickly scale up and down their development team as needed, without any long-term commitments.

The main advantage of staff augmentation is that it allows businesses to access the right skillset quickly. It also eliminates the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, as remote developers already have access to their own tools and equipment.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams provide businesses with access to a full development team that is solely dedicated to meeting their project requirements. It is a cost-effective alternative to in-house development and allows businesses to benefit from the expertise of a dedicated team of Vue.js developers.

The main advantage of dedicated teams is that businesses have full control over the development process. They also have the ability to scale up or down their team easily as needed, without any long-term commitments.


Hiring remote Vue.js developers is an effective way for businesses to access the expertise they need without having to invest in costly on-site staff. Both staff augmentation and dedicated teams provide businesses with access to the right skillset, allowing them to quickly scale up and down their development team as needed.


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You have tried Outstaffing and it doesn’t work, right? What sets us apart from the herd is our unique approach to hiring and nurturing top talent in-house so that they can produce the best quality for you.

We are a European technical talent acquisition firm with outstaffing capabilities for expert project managers and full-stack developers. Our developers will put you on the right track.

Why Choose No Name?

Because You Are In Control

We work for you, not the other way around. Get full control of your dedicated outstaffed resources. Fully manage the complete software development lifecycle. Get daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports.

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We Have Qualified & Experienced Developers

We are very stringent about who we hire. Our developers and software engineers are thoroughly vetted and nurtured to achieve a top level of excellence. So you can get fully capable developers.

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Fluent in English - No Language Barrier

Language barriers often lead to project delays and misinterpreted information. Our developers have a good command of the English language with a clear and easily understandable accent.

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Proactive & Scalable Business Model

Our work model is proactive and scalable. You can increase or decrease the number of outstaffed resources on the go. It’s a lot cheaper and feasible than hiring an onsite IT team.

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High Standards, Creativity & Innovation

We uphold high standards in all of our operations, resulting in very high-quality code and management. We are always looking for new creative ways to improve technology. We are a Dutch company and thus all of the EU compliance rules are there to protect you.

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We Hire & Nurture Top Software Talent Remotely For You

Scale up your business and make it agile with our remote outstaffing services.We let you have full control over the development process while we directly ensure agile performance. So you can enjoy significant savings as well as quicker project turnovers.

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Our outstaffed developers and designers are not dummies. They have the ability to say ‘No’ to a bad idea. They work for the betterment of your project and the company, not against it.

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