Cost model

In general there are two models of outstaffing. The first one is called “cost model”- when the client pays fixed amounts of money per person, and the company manages this money. It pays the person at its own discretion, which also can include bonuses.

Cost plus

The second one is called “the cost plus” – the customer knows how much he or she pays to a person and also covers all additional expenses, taxes, including holidays, equipment, bonuses, office, and the company’s margin is also included here. Cost Plus is a more open model, as the customer fully participates in the process. Hence, there are less risks for the client we provide our services to. The difference between outsourcing and outstaffing is that outsourcing copes with the full project, while outstaffing specifically means hiring individuals to work remotely.

Our process

1. Take Stock Of Your Needs

We seek what you need

We start by discussing the terms and conditions, your needs, the structure of the team and the job descriptions. At No Name, We have two services to help us set up the process:

Providing intake & recruitment

We identify your needs and expectations in order to prepare a list of relevant requirements for the candidates: you can start by hiring one developer or a fully multifunctional team, the choice is yours.

Organizing workshop

If the complexity of your business structure makes it too risky to work directly remotely, we arrange a meeting with the company executives to find the most efficient way to manage your remote team.

2. Job Interview And Hiring Developers

We recruite the right expertise

Our recruiters create a job profile according to the required requirements. They then use specialized tools and techniques and the No Name database for IT-software specialists to find suitable candidates. The selected candidates/experts are then interviewed by our recruiters. You will receive a list of selected candidates and deal with as many application rounds as you think you need to make sure you have third party developers nearby that are perfect for you.

We get you involved

You can use the tools and methods you know and love to interview the most suitable candidates – choose your own test tasks, ask for programming examples from organize live programming sessions. If necessary, we can check references and perform other checks. If you wish, you can come to our office to interview candidates in person, or get them to your office with our help. If you are unsure of the most common application methods and tactics in your case, our experts are ready to advise you.

3. Starting Point Of Work

We work in an innovative environment

We offer your remote developers fully equipped workplaces and all necessary equipment in our

No Name. We have a vibrant ICT community, so your remote development team works in an environment where innovation thrives.

We program, the team benefits

No Name recruitment, HR, retention and administration experts guide the onboarding process to manage the team expansion for both your local teams and the remote teams. Our branch managers set up a retention program that minimizes downtime and keeps your team happy.

We take care the administration

We take care of payroll, tax, employee information, holidays, sick days and other administrative hassle, so you can focus on your core tasks and manage your development team without distraction.

We help you set up the process

You can use your preferred method to manage your external development team. Many of our clients follow Agile methodologies, and if you choose, we help you set up the process.

4. Continues Support

We are in constant communication

To help you build an open and productive relationship with your remote development team, we assign you your own HR / client manager who is in contact with both parties and proactively solves any communication problems.

We assign the right responsbilities

The responsibilities of your HR / client manager are: performing performance assessments of your technicians, evaluating the level of job satisfaction after one month, two months, six months, and one year after the start of employment, and every six months. after more than 12 months, analyzing your feedback regarding the quality of their work and their professional growth, discussing things that you like and identifying areas for improvement.

We take all necessary measures to protect your data, network and employees

All our offices are equipped with access systems, and your team is supported by our system administrators and information security specialists. Additional security measures can be taken depending on your needs.

We offer a comfortable working environment

To create a comfortable and friendly working environment and to give remote developers the opportunity to commit to your company, we regularly organize team building activities.

5. Realization Phase

No Name, Prioritizes You

As a customer you have the opportunity to participate in every step of the process to achieve maximum effectiveness of your project. We deliver updates to your application every 2 to 4 weeks, each time with more functionality and update. This way of working leads to short feedback cycles and at the end of the project because of this method your application will be exactly according to your expectations!

The ways we work


We specialize in setting up efficient teams for you and your company. Together with you we select the software developers for your team. From our office, your team only works for you. We also take care of the work and software development environment. You and your team can manage the team members directly and daily. If you prefer to do this via a Project Leader, this is also possible.

+  Your own team of experienced software developers who work as an extension of your own project team and company.

– To make this way of working as efficient as possible, it would be good to have enough work for the team at all times. Although flexible adding or reducing developers is possible.


Vouchers for certain amounts of development hours of outsourcing per month. Vouchers of ten’s of  hours are possible. Vouchers are paid in advance for a month.

+ The amount of reserved software development hours of the voucher are guaranteed available for your projects.

– It can be difficult to indicate the required amount of development hours in advanc

Time and materials

The required budget is based on the actual software development hours worked and “material costs” (such as software licenses). During the quotation phase we give you an indicative expected budget based on your wishes and ideas. You can use this way of collaboration e.g. when the requirements of your software application are not yet completely clear.

+ You only pay for the actual hours worked and the ‘materials’ used.

– Although we give you an indicative expected budget, the actual required budget may differ.

Fixed price

Based on your requirements and ideas, we provide you with the project plan and the required budget for the realization of your software application. As the name “fixed price” implies, the budget (and the planning) remains the same even though we would have estimated the initially needed budget too low, therefor its our responsibility to come up with the fixes price. If changes are desired during the project, it may of course be the case that the budget and the planning after agreement change. The budget is paid in installments linked to mutually agreed milestones.

+ Budget-related risk is out of your hands.

– Normally this comes with a higher required budget to cover contingencies and related costs.

As No Name wants to serve our loyal customers the best way possible, It is always negotiable to agree on a different way of working than those mentioned above.

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