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With outsourcing your business obtains goods and services from a third-party company to reduce costs, to acquire new talent and as a critical tool for innovation.

No Name manages the outsourcing of software development so that you can focus on your core business. What makes us different is that we do this whilst ensuring the expertise you need is nearby.


With outstaffing you obtain the talent you require in a particular field during a longer period of time through a contract.

No Name only selects skilled experts that are qualified for the particular task you need to get done.

Your partner for software talent

We reduce costs and save hassle

Save yourself the hassle. Whatever your software requirements are, we pride ourselves in swift delivery and high quality. For everything we develop it’s our goal to ensure your goals are achieved and your expectations are exceeded. With No Name you avail of all the advantages of offshoring with efficient and manageable processes, against reasonable rates. Read more about outsourcing and outstaffing.


We only  work with production quality-proven technologies which is being used in many areas of expertise.


Our outsourcing and oustaffing services are managed by us. You can worry about your business and the outcome of the software, we do the rest.


We’re a result-driven company with no boundaries.

Case Studies


Smartspider provides solutions for insights into, for example, product prices across a specific market. In 3 months’ time we developed an application for Smartspider to further professionalise data collection, data processing and web publishing.

Veins Enterprise

For Veins Enterprise we developed an EHR (Electric Health Records system) application (mobile and web) to record the entire administrative process of the patient’s, payments, appointments and communication management. The app is based on the HL7 FHIR standards for data exchange within healthcare.

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