Top 5 Benefits of IT Outstaffing

benefits of outstaffing

In the IT industry, outstaffing has been a common practice for decades. However, the pandemic proved to be the required catalyst in speeding up the process and making remote work, globalization and cloud computing possible.

The conservative approach of commuting to the office 5 days a week is fading away as more and more IT organizations are realizing the benefits of outstaffing your workforce. There are literally a plethora of benefits of outstaffing a single employee or a team of directly managed employees.

Why IT Outstaffing?

In traditional outsourcing, clients must hand over their tasks and requirements for software development to the vendor. Not knowing who will work on the project and how the quality would look like. Especially, controlling the software development process of your project is impossible.

No Name is here to break the stereotypes and offer fully managed and turn-key IT outstaffing services. This way you fully control the software development process and steer the direction of your project.

With total control over your outstaffed team, you can hold daily sprint meetings to monitor the progress of ongoing tasks, modify project requirements at any time, and scale up the team to meet the project deadline sooner.

Outstaffing with No Name not only allows you to augment your in-house team but also provides you with the world’s top software talents.

5 Benefits of Smart Outstaffing


1. Fast hiring

We know you have been looking hard for the perfect candidate in your local market for months now with no luck. Being a technical talent acquisition firm, we know how long and tedious the process of hiring the right candidate is. We have perfected the art of finding, hiring, mentoring, and harnessing the talents of the perfect candidates from around the world.

2. Get Top Talent 

When we say top talent, we don’t mean a candidate who is better than the rest of the average candidates. By top we mean the world’s top-level talent. Candidates who have years of experience in their technical fields.

No Name evaluates these candidates that go through a vigorous in-house technical selection process and qualify from the pool of thousands of job applicants.

3. Cost-Effective Model

Majority of the IT companies like yours are on a fixed budget and need to do cost-cutting in this highly competitive market. Working with outstaffed and fully managed remote teams allows you to have fewer overhead costs and cheaper per-hour pay. This ultimately allows you to have higher ROI and streamlined revenue. Plus there are no infrastructure costs, thus saving you from a lot of different overhead costs.

4. Agile Team Work

One of the most distinguished benefits of having outstaffed team members is that they are not working in their own silos. We know how problematic the communication gap is and it has always remained a deal-breaker for us at No Name. We ensure that our developers that are assigned to you are available daily for your meetings to communicate and understand your needs. We work as an agile team, always on top of our game.

5. Scalable & Flexible Team

What can be a bigger blessing than having the ability to upscale or downscale your team. Outstaffing your IT team to No Name allows you the ultimate flexibility and scalability. If you have got a new project with a deadline and don’t want to over-expand your local team as hire-and-fire is not an easy job. Then outstaffing your extra needs is the best viable option.

No Name operates in a highly scalable environment, allowing you urgent access to a single or a team of developers as per your demand. Get experienced developers on a pay-as-you-go, per-hour, per-month, or per-project basis.

Save your time and money and hire vetted remote developers in no time.


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