The story & motivation for starting No Name


Hey gents,

So, I have been thinking for a while to share with you the roller coaster ride I am part of in No Name. What’s my story, the primary motivation behind starting my own software developers outstaffing company, and my entrepreneurial journey.

So stay hooked.

Let’s rewind 10 years – I have always been a curious person by nature, a trouble seeker, an adventure lover, and a nerd when it comes to coding. I was always fascinated by software development and self-taught myself everything from an early age. So I really know my stuff inside out when it comes to the software development lifecycle.

Fast forward to 2019, I was working as a full-stack developer at Indicia, while also focusing on freelance in my off time. It was quite eye-opening, as I got to interact with a lot of developers from all over the world. I met smart people, way more educated and experienced than I am.

Yet I somehow always got what I ‘Requested’, not what I ‘Wanted’.

The results were obvious, badly designed software with no symmetry, anti-pattern usage of concepts, lack of creative intuition, and just a huge pit of technical debt right from the start.

A point of notice for pretty much every IT company in the Netherlands!

Essentially almost every company has tried outsourcing due to its clear upfront benefits: lots of talent and economically interesting. Yet almost none of those companies work with outsourcing anymore. It simply doesn’t work.

To me, that looked like a problem that could be solved.

If you’d let me guess a list of the reasons, I would put the following on my bingo card: Communication barrier, lack of commitment, bad quality product due to moonlighting, and their inability to say no.

For a person like me with broad knowledge of SDLC, I set off on a quest to make outsourcing a viable solution that works in the long term. Thus, created a company, No Name. A new chapter and journey began…

I hear you ask: “Why is your company called ‘No Name’”. Good one! Tune in for that chapter in two days on my profile. Or check the comments for the link on our website, it’s already available there!


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