The Unveiling: No Name Chronicles and Our YouTube Debut – A New Chapter in Tech Storytelling


Imagine walking into a gallery, where instead of paintings, each frame holds a groundbreaking tech story, a daring venture into the unknown, or a partnership that’s pushing the boundaries of ‘possible.’ Welcome to “No Name Chronicles,” our newly minted series that’s all about the art of innovation, narrated through the voices shaping the future. And guess what? We’re taking this exhibit digital with the launch of our YouTube channel!

Daring to Ask, “Is This Tech?”

In a world brimming with buzzwords and tech jargon, we’re cutting through the noise, bringing you stories that matter. Our first episode features a candid chat with Sander van Horen of Logo4Life – a tale of tackling tech’s biggest quandary: finding the right talent that doesn’t just code but connects with your mission on a cellular level.

“Finding someone who gets it, truly gets it, is like finding a needle in a haystack. No Name didn’t just bring a magnet; they brought a GPS,” Sander shared, highlighting the essence of our collaboration.

Redefining the Canvas

Our YouTube channel isn’t just a platform; it’s a gateway to discussions that challenge the status quo, solutions that inspire, and stories that need to be told. From deep dives into tech puzzles with industry pioneers to slices of life from our culture at No Name, we’re here to show that tech, at its core, is human.

The Art of Uncertainty

Much like the art world’s fascination with authenticity, the tech industry thrives on innovation – the originality of thought, the bravery to disrupt, and the uncertainty of what’s next. It’s this uncertainty that makes the journey exhilarating. Each episode of “No Name Chronicles” is a leap into the unknown, promising the thrill of discovery and the chance to witness firsthand the merging of creativity and tech.

Call to Action

Dive into our inaugural episode with Sander and Thomas, and subscribe to our channel for your front-row seat to the unfolding saga of technology and human ingenuity.

For more behind-the-scenes looks and innovative solutions, follow No Name on LinkedIn and check out our journey at No Name’s website. And don’t miss exploring the creative world that Sander and the team are crafting at Logo4Life.


At No Name, we believe in the power of stories to inspire, challenge, and transform. “No Name Chronicles” is our canvas, and innovation is our palette. Join us as we paint the future of tech, one episode at a time.