Beyond Borders: Bluemeg’s Paul du Long Explores No Name’s World in Episode 2 of No Name Chronicles


In the second episode of “No Name Chronicles,” we pivot from our familiar conversations to share a unique and heartfelt narrative from Paul du Long, Co-Founder of Bluemeg, during his insightful visit to Pakistan. As we navigate the essence of this journey, Paul unveils the layers of partnership, culture, and innovation that bind us together, transcending geographical boundaries and reinforcing our shared mission to digitize and simplify the corporate world.

A Personal Insight

“Experiencing the culture, meeting the vibrant team, and seeing the innovative work being done was truly inspiring. It reinforced my belief in our partnership with No Name and the extraordinary things we can achieve together,” reflects Paul du Long. His message from Pakistan is not just a testament to the collaborative spirit but a celebration of the human connections that fuel our technological endeavors.

Bluemeg: Streamlining Corporate Governance

At Bluemeg, the goal is clear: to provide clients and staff with a secure, intuitive platform that eradicates the mundane tasks of paperwork, digitizing corporate governance and subsidiary management efficiently. Connected with trusted partners like ACRA, MyInfo, Xero, and Stripe, Bluemeg’s platform revolutionizes workflows, enhancing efficiency and compliance, enabling businesses to focus on growth rather than paperwork.

Embracing the Unknown Together

Paul’s visit encapsulates the adventurous spirit of “No Name Chronicles” – diving into new experiences, understanding diverse cultures, and building stronger bonds. This episode shines a light on how facing uncertainties together strengthens our resolve and amplifies our capacity for innovation.

Call to Action

Join us in this special edition of “No Name Chronicles” as Paul du Long shares his journey through No Name’s operations in Pakistan, offering a rare glimpse into the impactful synergy between Bluemeg and No Name.

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Through “No Name Chronicles,” we aim to unfold the narrative of tech with a human touch, emphasizing that beyond every innovation lies a story of collaboration, vision, and mutual growth. Paul du Long’s visit to Pakistan is a vivid chapter in our ongoing tale of breaking barriers and crafting futures, together.